Saturday, June 9, 2012

Current Aeropress Method

Coffee should be lightly roasted. Currently drinking Square Mile Sertao. One and a half scoops (the scoop that came with the Aeropress) in the grinder - this is a little more than 18 grammes. I'm using a Porlex hand grinder with the blades set four clicks out from fully in for a fairly fine grind.

Set kettle boiling while grinding.

Once you've finished grinding, heat the plunger and Aeropress body with the boiled water. Push plunger in and then pull back to create a seal. Put the Aeropress on a flat surface upside down (so the plunger is facing upwards. Put in coffee and water up to just above the 3 mark on a small Aeropress. Stir for ten seconds, then microwave half a mug of milk for a minute, allowing the coffee to settle in the Aeropress. Soak a filter paper in boiling water and put the filter cap on the Aeropress.

Turn the Aeropress the right way up over the mug. I find I have to tap it to get the last bits of grounds to drop into the water, which is now at the other of the chamber obviously. Press gently but firmly until you hear air. 

This makes just over half a mug of creamy soft coffee. If you want black, heat the mug first with a rinse of boiled water. 

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